Home Staging Options

Option 1: Staging Consultation- Hands down, the most economical and effective service I offer. This is where I  using my coaching skills and spend up to two hours going room-by-room with the homeowner with a check-list, discussing ideas on how to best prepare the home for sale. I make specific actionable suggestions so you can independently prepare you home to “show” at its best.

Option 2: Staging in Action- Taking the consultation to the next step, this service is for those homes that would benefit from a professional hands-on approach- while using your own furniture, furnishings, and accessories. I will arrive at your home and target key areas; editing unnecessary items, improving the flow from room to room and accentuating the home’s positive elements. I will incorporate proven redesign techniques to update and modernize your home using the furniture and accessories you already have. Ultimately, my goal is to make best use of what is already in the home editing down what is in each room.

Option 3: Adding Accessories- Preferably after staging your home with your own furniture,  I can provide additional decorative accessories that the homeowner will now own in order to further update and modernize your home. This is a great option for those who already have appropriate furniture placement and editing but would benefit from having fresh accessories such as hand towels, decorative soaps, candles, new pillows, doormats, accessories, greenery, etc. Your home will now be ready for great photos….and to be placed on the market!

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Your Home Staging Coach, Megan Brewer



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Your home should tell your story. When you’re selling your home, you want to invite others to tell their story so you need to remove your story from your home through editing, neutralizing, and modernizing.
— Megan Brewer, your Home Staging Coach